Buy With Cash and Then Sell Your Home!

If you’re like many people, you need to sell your old home before buying a new one. But now you’ve got a better option. We can help you secure your next home with a cash offer before listing your old one. No double moves. No double mortgages. No stress.  Check out Homeward: http://www.homeward.com  Contact us here for help finding a new home:  http://www.rehava.com

The basics

Before we jump into the specifics, we want to make sure you’ve got a clear picture of what lies
ahead. Buying a new home with our Buy before you sell service involves six steps.

1. You and your real estate broker will find your new home (the “New Home”)

2. Your real estate broker will make a Homeward Cash Offer to buy your New Home

3. Homeward will buy your New Home on your behalf

4. You’ll move into your New Home

5. Your real estate broker will list and sell your old home (the “Old Home”)

6. You’ll buy the New Home from Homeward

Don’t worry — we’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

This is what a cash offer is all about! It removes contingencies, simplifies the process, and makes buyers and sellers happy. Ready to upgrade your offer to cash? Contact us here for more information:  http://www.rehava.com and we’ll tell you how.

You might be asking what’s the catch?  Homeward offers the cash buying service for a convenience fee.  If you consider the cost of moving twice, storage, a rental or temporary housing, the cost will far exceed their fee.  On a $575,000 purchase the estimated fee is $10,925.  You can use their loan services once you purchase the home from them, or use your own lender.  This is a fantastic option if you want or need to move, but are afraid to list your home.  Let us help you!


Darla Newton

Darla Newton

I am an active Realtor specializing in the Douglas County /El Paso County areas. I have experience listing and selling residential properties throughout Douglas County including: Castle Rock, Parker, Highlands Ranch, Franktown, Sedalia, and Larkspur. I am currently expanding my business to; Black Forest, Monument, Colorado Springs, Peyton, Falcon, Woodland Park, Divide and Cripple Creek.