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Tips for a Stress-Free Family Vacation
If it’s been a while since you’ve taken some time off, it’s probably time for a vacation. Getting out of town and spending some time away from your day-to-day worries is a great way to reset, de-stress, and come back ready to face the world. This is as true for grown-ups as it is for kids, which is why planning a stress-free family vacation is so important.

Unfortunately, stress-free vacations can be a bit of a challenge. Even though they’re meant to relax us, often the act of traveling itself can cause a fair amount of anxiety. Here are some ways from rēhava.com you can enjoy a tranquil trip with the whole family:

Protect Your Home
When you’re away on a trip, the last thing you should have to worry about is your home. However, as Reisinger Insurance Agency notes, travelers are often targeted by robbers. That’s why it’s important to take steps to ensure your home’s security while you’re gone. Consider smart home features such as programmable lights, which will mask the fact that your house is empty. Doorbell cameras can be useful too, especially those that send a notification when someone’s at the door.

One of the simplest things you can do to keep your home secure on a trip? Bay Alarm advises to avoid posting about your vacation online before or during the trip itself — and be mindful of who you tell in person. Thieves often use online postings about vacations to figure out which houses to target. Most of us don’t truly know everyone we’re connected with online, so protect your information and wait until you’re back to post those great beach pictures.

Bring Entertainment
Even the most thrilling vacations are bound to feature some downtime. Although you may find these lulls relaxing, your kids might not agree. That’s why it’s important to bring along some forms of entertainment such as downloaded movies or games.
There are few things worse than downloading plenty of games and streaming services, only to find that you can’t use them during the most boring parts of the trip. If you’re traveling via car, consider adding an in-vehicle WiFi hotspot. These give you fast and reliable internet on the road, so your kids can watch their favorite shows or play games.

Connect with Nature
Even if you travel to an urban destination, try to schedule some time in your trip to connect with nature. Consider heading out of town for a hike, or hitting up a local beach. Making time to spend in the great outdoors will have myriad benefits for all the members of your family.

In fact, time spent outside has been proven to have a significant effect on anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. Even if you don’t experience these issues enough to consider them a medical issue, you can still reduce the intensity of negative emotions by getting some sunshine.

Get Some Grown-Up Time
If you can manage it, try to build some time into the schedule away from the kids. There are several ways you can pull this off. If you have teenagers, it might be as easy as going your own way for a few hours. For younger children, consider traveling with another family and taking turns pulling babysitting duty so each couple can have some time away. You can even find some resorts that offer some form of drop-in childcare.

Making some time to go on a date, do some shopping, or even just hit up an attraction the kids might not enjoy will go a long way toward helping you unwind. It’s important to bring wardrobe pieces that are versatile so you can make the most of both your luggage space and your vacation. This can be especially challenging for moms with little ones, but there are even little black dresses out there that will work in a number of settings when paired with the right accessories – flip-flops and a sunhat for the beach or kitten heels and pearls for date night.  Vacations are vital for helping the whole family unwind and refresh. With the right plan, you can
enjoy a tranquil retreat together.

Written by:  Andrea Needham

Darla Newton

Darla Newton

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