Home Repairs

Covering the costs of home repairs can be stressful, but when you’re proactive about saving, it’s easier to handle the expense. Whether you know that you need to take care of certain repairs soon, or you just want to be ready in advance, these resources from rēhava are full of helpful information.

Prepare Your Finances

The costs of extensive home repairs can add up. That’s why it’s important to be proactive and budget for these projects in advance.
● Ideally, you should save about one to four percent of your home’s value for maintenance and repair costs every year.
● If you plan to sell your home soon, make sure that you have enough in the bank to cover these projects.

Structural Repairs

If you need to invest in extensive structural repairs for your home, getting a fair estimate and working with the right contractors is crucial.
● Do you need to replace your home’s roof? Expect to spend about $8,000.
● Ready to hire a roofer? Make sure that they can meet high standards before you sign a contract.
● If you need to repair your foundation, you should plan to invest around $4,000.
● Choosing the right foundation repair specialist can be challenging. These tips can help you make a smart decision.

Fixing Water Damage

Failing to address water damage can lead to serious (and expensive) problems in your home.  Here’s how to take care of it.
● Worried that there is water damage in your homes? Keep an eye out for these warning signs.
● The costs for various plumbing repairs can range from $125 to $800.
● Looking for a qualified plumber? Check your local plumbing companies but remember to browse their ratings and reviews and request a quote in advance.
If you want to plan for home repairs, understanding the average costs in advance is key. Saving ahead of time means that you can pay for fixes when they’re needed without delay. With these tips, your home will be in great shape!
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Article written by:  Andrea Needham

Darla Newton

Darla Newton

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