Did you know there are companies dedicated to senior moving services? These professionals are ready and willing to help seniors make a smooth transition to their new residences. If you or an older loved one needs to move to a new home, learn how a senior move manager can assist and what services specialty moving companies provide. Here are some moving tips to help this process go smoothly.

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Choosing Where to Live

If you’re a downsizing senior, you have many options. Seniors who need support with activities of daily living will find comfort in an assisted living facility. There are many suitable assisted living facilities in and around Denver, so make sure to research amenities and costs. 

However, if you’d prefer to age in place, you can move into a smaller and more accessible home or apartment. There’s a huge variety of apartments in Denver, so it’s wise to go online and filter through units based on cost, number of bedrooms, size, amenities offered, and more. 

Reasons To Hire a Senior Move Manager

Senior move managers can alleviate stress for seniors during the hectic moving process. With strong leadership and communication skills, they provide guidance and expertise to older adults and their families. During the first meeting, managers can customize a moving plan and establish a timeline for completing tasks. Then they work closely with the moving company to ensure moving day is successful.

Looking online can be the best way to find a senior move manager registered with the National Association of Senior Move Managers, a professional organization in the U.S. and Canada. Registered move managers must maintain insurance and complete ongoing professional education requirements. Choosing a senior move manager from NASMM ensures that the individual is ethical and dedicated to serving older adults.

Services Included in Senior Moving 

Senior moving services should include a planning phase. Usually, senior move managers meet with the family or individuals to discuss wants and needs. They form a plan based on this discussion and then compile a checklist of tasks and a timeline for completion. At this point, they may measure furniture and draw up a floor plan used for the layout at the new residence.

Next, the moving manager helps senior customers sort their belongings into categories: keep, sell, donate or throw away. This can be a lengthy and emotional process, and enlisting help from other family members can make these decisions easier. Other tasks for the manager include arranging the storage, sale, and/or donation of the items. Once customers have sorted all things they are moving, the manager gets the materials needed to pack everything and label the boxes. Then, the move manager connects with the movers to set the date and time and coordinate plans for the move.

On moving day, the move manager supervises the loading process by directing movers to the right boxes and loose items. The manager also makes sure customers have access to essential items they’ll need when they arrive at their new home. Other tasks for a senior move manager can be arranging cleaning and repairs for the old home and contacting a realtor to put the house up for sale.

Tips for Finding a Senior Moving Company 

To get started, search online for movers in your area. When interviewing moving companies, ask if they offer a senior discount or other special prices for military, civil service, or AAA members. Get written estimates from several movers that have visually inspected your property. Look for a reputable moving business by checking online reviews or go to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Mover Registration Search to check licensing, insurance, safety, and contact information.

If you are moving over state lines, the FMCSA explains that your mover must provide you with a brochure, “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” Review it so you understand state moving requirements.

Leaving a home you’ve had for 30 or 40 years might be overwhelming, physically and emotionally. Fortunately, with the help of service-minded senior moving professionals, you can accomplish everything you need for a peaceful and easy transition.

Steve deGuzman

Steve deGuzman

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