Friends Buying Homes – Garden of the Gods

Ward Berlin and his wife, Karla Grazier, moved into a newly built house in a new Colorado gated community called Vermilion at Garden of the Gods. But they didn’t have to spend much time getting to know their neighbors: Many of the eight properties on their street are owned by friends they had known for years.  Search homes for sale in Flying Horse, Colorado Springs, CO here:

Friends, Brenda Smith and Judy Mackey, the developers of the 39-unit Colorado Springs community, planned to move in with their families and had offered the other lots to friends rather than putting them on the open market.

“There’s a big difference between a community and a neighborhood,” said Mr. Berlin, a 56-year-old private investor. Choosing neighbors who are also longtime friends, he said, lets him “spend more time with the people that I really care about.”

Members of the wealthy baby boom generation are meticulously planning their golden years, from first-floor master suites to who their neighbors will be. Groups of friends—many of them empty-nesters—are increasingly buying properties in the same housing developments.  This allows them to preserve or re-create their social circles from back home, real-estate agents and developers said.