Unconventional Car Dealership

An unconventional car dealership will be built in the Goldsmith neighborhood.  It’s a stone’s throw from an RTD light rail station in southeast Denver.

City Council approved on Monday new building guidelines for a patch of grass and dirt at 4700 E. Evans Ave., next to I-25.  It allows a mix of homes, businesses and offices. But the only thing currently planned for the space is a Carvana used-car dealership.  It will host an 80-foot parking tower that the company markets as a “vending machine” for vehicles.

Not a True Vending Machine…but close

It’s not a vending machine in the sense that you can casually walk by, spot a car, insert money, and drive away in a new ride. No, the cars in the garage have already been sold online, and when customers pick them up, a human gives them a token that starts the process of retrieving the Cheetos vehicle. The garage is a vending machine in that the process of retrieving the car is automated. But its primary function is to store cars.

Council members voted 10 to 3 to rezone the property, which allows the dealership but does not guarantee it. The rezoning also allows housing and included a stipulation that 10 percent of any homes built on the site must be built affordable relative to the area median income.

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