Reddit Users Watch DEA Police Raid

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A police raid on a home is one of the most dangerous law enforcement actions.  It has the potential to turn lethal for both officers and residents. So why did users on social media forum Reddit claim they were able to watch a raid live through an unsecured camera?  Search homes for sale in Flying Horse, Colorado Springs, CO at www.rehava.com.

Earlier in the month, a post was made on the Jacksonville-specific Reddit forum titled “Unsecured police cam watching police raid @ wilson blvd.”  The post has since been deleted.  It linked to an IP address that took users to a camera.  That cam was fixed on what First Coast News has confirmed is a home at the center of an investigation by the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Users Report Police Activity

“Its [sic] been an hour and the police is [sic] still here,” one user commented under the post.  The same user later told On Your Side via direct message that they watched law enforcement at the home and suspects being detained.

An incident report was obtained from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.  A JSO officer responded to the home at 6039 Wilson Boulevard in the Cedar Hills Estates.  That was the evening of Wednesday, Feb. 10, 20201.  They were there to assist DEA agents in executing a search warrant.

On the same day as the raid, homeowner Michael Antwan Easton, 42, was arrested in a separate location.  He was booked into jail with a slew of drug-related charges, including trafficking fentanyl.  Easton is still in jail on “No Bond,” and faces another court date in late March.

Users Take Control of Camera – AKA Pole Cam

Following the raid, the Reddit post remained up and the camera active into the next day. Users who accessed the camera were able not only to watch it in real-time but could even take control of the camera itself.

“To have a live investigation posted on the web for the world to see, and not only to view, but to actually manipulate the camera to capture whatever the viewer wants to capture, is particularly troubling,” said Matthew Kachergus, a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney.  Kachergus said the camera resembles what’s known as a “pole cam,” commonly used by law enforcement, notably in drug investigating.

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