Technology Led to Business Passion

For longtime auctioneer, Neil Enslow and his wife Georgia, embracing the world of technology led to a business that ultimately became a passion.  Search homes for sale in Flying Horse, Colorado Springs at http://www.rehava.com

Georgia said, we conducted live sales.   About five years ago, we went to the online format and it’s just been a very good decision for us.

For Georgia, the change of pace was daunting at first but ultimately needed. She worked a job that required traveling anywhere from 60,000 to 80,000 miles a year.  “I did that for a decade, and I was done,” Georgia said. Constantly waking up in hotel rooms and forgetting what city you’re in is no fun.  You get to a point where you’re like, that’s enough.

Georgia noted it came down to two choices for her and her husband.  They could make the jump and navigate the world of online auctioneering or starve to death.

Thus 345 Auction came to be, and the couple haven’t looked back.

345 Auction is a 21st Century Company

On the website, the Enslow’s describe 345 Auction as a company, “born in the 21st Century with 21st Century technology and 21st Century thinking.”

This progressive mentality, Georgia said, has inspired a new demographic to become involved in what was otherwise a fading sales event.  Traditionally auctions used to be social events   You would go to a hall; the whole town would gather, and it would be a visiting place for people. After doing this for a number of years, we saw attendance decline, in particular with a younger demographic.

Benefits of the Online Format

Georgia explained the benefits of the event moving to an online format, using one of 345 Auction’s events for comparison to a traditional auction.

If you would come to a live auction, you would end up waiting hours, maybe all day for that one item.  Where (online) you can go in and put in your max bid, and when the auction goes live it’s a very interactive screen.  The software that is used for 345 Auction’s events acts as an auctioneer at a live event would but allows for more opportunity, Georgia explained.

An online auction is very different.

Online, if in the last three minutes you have the high bid.  Then at two minutes left, I go in and decide I want that item I will put in my bid.  The software will automatically extend the auction for an additional three minutes.

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Darla Newton
Darla Newton

I am an active Realtor specializing in the Douglas County /El Paso County areas. I have experience listing and selling residential properties throughout Douglas County including: Castle Rock, Parker, Highlands Ranch, Franktown, Sedalia, and Larkspur. I am currently expanding my business to; Black Forest, Monument, Colorado Springs, Peyton, Falcon, Woodland Park, Divide and Cripple Creek.